Investing in durable, high-performance climate control can deliver returns in operator health, safety, morale, productivity, and uptime.

Red Dot designs and manufactures heaters and air conditioners for heavy-duty commercial and military vehicles worldwide. We organise product development into four segments: off-highway equipment; on-highway vehicles; military vehicles and equipment; and aftermarket units and replacement parts.


Red Dot supplies HVAC systems for compact equipment, dozers, graders, backhoes, skid steer loaders, telehandlers, excavators, off-highway trucks, and other construction machinery used  worldwide.

Our heaters and air conditioners set the standard for performance and durability in the heavy-equipment business. We design, test, and build HVAC systems to meet the rigorous heat-load, air-flow, vibration, and filtration/pressurisation demands that construction machines face every day. We can work from a clean sheet or design a system to fit an existing space. Either way, we have the expertise to deliver the value of reliable, effective climate control to construction equipment cabs.

If you’re a specialty-equipment manufacturer or own vehicles not originally equipped with heating, air conditioning, or filtration, talk to us about Red Dot’s off-the-shelf HVAC units and components.


Red Dot designs and builds HVAC systems for farm tractors, balers, combines, harvesters, tillage equipment—a complete range of agricultural machinery used aroSkidding---Forwarding--Harvesterund the world.

With a focus on prolonged durability and effectiveness, we produce heaters, air conditioners, and ventilation systems to handle the high solar loads, dust, and duty cycles that agricultural equipment is made for.

Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer or own vehicles not originally equipped with HVAC, Red Dot can deliver the value of comfort and uptime to farmers and agricultural contractors.


Red Dot Corporation has supplied heating, air conditioning, and ventilation units and systems for military vehicles since 2004. Red Dot Europe’s experience in fitting HVAC to military vehicles in the Middle East is an extension to this depth of expertise.


Mining trucks and other severe-duty off-highway vehicles demand reliable, effective heating, air conditioning, and filtration.

Red Dot designs and builds the industry’s most advanced HVAC systems for vehicles in rugged, remote, off-highway work environments. We specialise in serviceable systems and long-lasting components, including A/C system-protection options like Red Dot ProTecht. And our international product support and distribution network is a big part of our commitment to productivity, uptime, and a more comfortable work environment.

Aftermarket Parts & Systems

Red Dot has a worldwide network of nearly 200 authorised aftermarket or export distributors in North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia.

Aftermarket Customer Support

Red Dot is a leading supplier to the heavy-duty aftermarket. We have the most complete catalogue of off-the-shelf units, components, and replacement parts in the industry, and sell our aftermarket products through a wide-ranging network of authorised distributors.