Red Dot manufactures HVAC systems, components, replacement parts, and aftermarket units for vehicles in demanding work environments globally.

Red Dot is vertically integrated, meaning we can design, build, test, and assemble the components that comprise our HVAC products. Vertical integration allows us to deliver prototypes in rapid fashion.

Quality SystemsISO14001

Red Dot is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Every project begins with your quality, cost, and delivery requirements. This includes measurable performance on a PPM basis and identifying opportunities for progressive savings through production efficiencies and design.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing reduces the time from the beginning of the design process to the moment your goods are shipped. We coordinate schedules to have components ready for final assembly based on true customer demand. This dovetails with just-in-time manufacturing principles and your own efforts to reduce inventory.

Tools & Equipment

We invest in equipment that can be set up quickly, making shorter runs more efficient and eliminating the peaks and troughs of batch-and-store manufacturing.